I don't want your support.

A revelation from a new 'Platinum Wellness Advocate' ...whatever that means.

I have always supported and respected my friends who worked in direct sales and found success. From Tupperware to Shaklee to Jewelry and Make-up. I love paying a little extra, hosting parties, taking orders and earning a little free product while my friend earned some extra income. It felt like I was doing them a favor--supporting the local economy. Sure, prices were inflated, and products not much different than what was available at the mall, or other retailer, but it felt better to help them out.

But, I'm not asking for any favors.

When I was introduced to doTERRA I hemmed and hawed about being involved with Multi-level-marketing. There were far more marks against than for.
1. I had a business I loved and made some money at--I'd been building it for many years, I did not want to let that go.
2. I had a bad taste in my mouth from a brief encounter I had with MLM's several years ago.
3. I knew someone who was successful but was working extremely hard with another MLM company.
4. I didn't want to be a part of that culture, and thought it might stifle my creative nature.
5. Lastly and mostly, I didn't want to have to sell anything.

But I used them, and I talked, and it started.

Right here and now I proclaim that I am not asking anyone for their support. The products I have at my disposal are life-changing-miraculous and I would share them regardless of pay. Sometimes I forget to check on payday, but the checks come, and that's really nice--but mainly because it reinforces what I already know: for those who have listened to my schpeel, and given in, and tried--well, for those people doTERRA's essential oils and nutritional supplements work. That's why I keep doing it. Do I love vintage and miss hunting, gathering and selling it? Yes, it's fun. But, my creativity has not been limited by sharing someone else's products. I mix and share and create and market and think of ways to develop my 'mission' every day. Furniture makes people happy, it truly does. These products make people live better. I have to push on in that direction. I share them to support you.

We've been blessed dualy. First, by the empowering nature of having these effective, safe essential oils at our disposal. Second by money, always second is money.

And I work hard some days, but because it is a mission, an obligation even, it comes easy. I love it.

I don't sell oils. Let me be clear: I want you to buy these oils. Badly. I want you to join my team of oil-educators and share them with everyone you know. Badly. For YOUR sake. For your family's sake. (bonus: for your bank account's sake.) I want you to give them a real shot and change your healthcare. I want you to try them and to be relieved from the meds, pain, depression you might be dealing with. I do want that.

Help Your Own Self and let it go.

OR, 'the Pyramid Scheme de-bunked'

When people say they will not join in a 'pyramid scheme', I totally get it. I'm right there with them. I don't want to sell products for more than you could get them at the local store. I don't want to trick friends and family into signing on the dotted line and committing to months of orders with a company that pushes a faulty product of little value. Health is everything, and these are the medicines used from the dawn of time--valued higher than gold and silver. Why have we forgotten them? Why is their healing power now a secret? Don't sell them, share them. That's how network marketing works for EVERY great product. No commercial, or sales person at the mall will give you the one-on-one user support your friend can. No physician even. No healthcare practitioner. We all know that a good thing will go viral if it's truly a good thing. Network marketing takes advantage of our social nature, and it's the smartest capitalism out there. No commercials, no gimmicks. No lofty promises or bait & switches.

PS. doTERRA is one of 2 innovative companies to reach 1 billion dollars in sales in 6 years. Know the other? (I imagine if you have on of their products you'll wish you could have earned a referral when you talked friends into getting one).

P.P.S. Every company that is successful forms a pyramid. A few at the top, and more at the bottom. It's the nature of capitalism. I'm all for socialism, but I can't get the Tea Party on board, so I'm just going to avoid the need for healthcare as long as possible. You can too :)*

P.P.S.S. Don't sell them, don't share them. Keep the secret. (but, still enroll as a wholesale member and get 25% off, there are no minimums or requirements. Just like shopping at Costco).

P.P.S.S.S. doTERRA wants you to be able to get the oils for free so cost is NOT an excuse for anyone. If only our doctors gave us referral payment...what would the world look like?

P.P.P.S.S.S. It's not a pyramid scheme this time. It's a smart business plan that the wealthiest business tycoons in the world agree to be the smartest way to move great products.

Ready to try? Share? Great timing. Get something free just for *finally* taking the plunge.

*please don't give me credit for being a socialist. I do think it'd be great if it could work, but I am not officially associated with any political party or movement. I just want to heal the world. Make it a better place...


the Flip Side

Death on the Homestead

New life is so much more fun to post about, but in reality all things aren't just joy. There has to be sorrow, and we've experienced an eye-opening amount of that as well since we've been on this homestead.

In the last week we lost this brand new duckling the night it hatched, along with the clutch of eggs that went with it. Is it a tragedy? Feels like it. Feels like the day before mother's day is just NOT the time to lose a baby. This little guy was not our first loss. Last year we lost 95% of a chick shipment the day it arrived--talk about panicked! We've lost several hives for no explicable reason (probably neoconitoids--beware), a goat, turkeys to a less than brilliant giant puppy dog. And ducks and guineas go missing with nothing left but a pile of feathers at least monthly. This week, almost nightly. Something is on the prowl.

So, while we do what we can to scare away predators and hope our dog will someday be effective at guarding more than just the goats, which he almost play with to death from time to time, we are in fear. And sometimes we lose sleep over coyotes yipping in the distance, and because of squabbles on an otherwise still night. We run outside armed and ready to take down what scares us and what threatens those in our protection but really we are only capable of trying. We are only doing our best.

I've heard many amazing testimonials about the healing people have been able to find through natural medicine and the essential oils over the last year. But, people still die. Healing and protection and life are all not really in our control and all we can do is our best. Perhaps this ray of darkness is what makes the light more tender, more warm. It's hard to measure something without a counterbalance and so as useless and hurtful and pointless as these regular tragedies seem to be, they seem to be what makes life precious.

Perhaps in modern day we shelter ourselves too much from this torment. We guard our children from experiencing these difficulties & we fear death so much that protect our children from overexposure. In the end we are pretty damn resilient. In the end we're better off for having these moments of the worse.

It was just a duckling. But to Jackie O. who sat on that nest and nurtured those eggs--those promises of life--it was everything. And to watch her sulk and limp and aimlessly shuffle around our homestead was the pain that balances out the joy of the bouncing baby goats, and nursing piglets...to celebrate mother's day last week in the midst of such contradiction...well, I still mourn her loss. And my kids, though challenged by this disappointment, know that life is a gift. 


L'Chaim! (to life)

We've had AMAZING weeks here. Truly amazing. The weeks that really make it all exactly what we expected and all that we want to do! Babies. Babies. Babies. Everywhere. Leviah said it best 'It's like it's baby season around here!'

meet Craig (front) & Cecile--twins from Clover

Video minutes after birth.

So far 4 kids from our goats. It was the first birth for all of them, and they all did amazing! There are 2 left that haven't birthed and while we *think* they are pregnant, we could very well be wrong. We are new at this. So new. We milked one mom briefly, and tasted. Warm milk is not my thing, so that was a big deal for me...but, hopefully we'll get the hang of that too and be able to take advantage of an other product from this homestead.


The garden is well underway as well, and it's a weird year to be sure. It seems un-productive and we've only harvested Spinach thus far. Which I love. We're working on setting up systems that will allow us to harvest spinach and lettuce and kale year round. Still in the planning stages there.

nursing piglets--caution, image may offend those who think breastfeeding lewd.

Our first ever wwoofer is coming this weekend. That is intimidating too! We want so badly to make this place an open-type environment, but in reality housing strangers is just a little scary. I can't wait to get the knack of that, because we could use the help. So many plans.

But, the point of this post is just to say. l'Chaim. To life. (if you are not familiar with Fiddler on the Roof, well familiarize yourself. And listen to the song again and again. l'Chaim!)


The Poison Ivy Miracle

So, I always hesitate to blog because I know that every post is likely going to involve essential oils, and I don't want to sound like a broken record with my constant 'Essential Oils are Greats.' 

But, they are great, and their simple and accessible nature have made them a natural fit for our family on so many levels. Of course, I feel really great about the company's ethics and the financial opportunity it has offered us is something I truly feel our Creator has given us unexpectedly. All this on top of the fact that we've found huge relief from illness and ailments, stress and more than anything a deeper connection with creation and scripture. These tools are SO effective and helpful and such an intricate part of our history, even our Bible studies have been deepened. To read and smell at the same time? Our sense of smell is so powerful and if all we ever used them for was diffusing I'd STILL be as passionate about them. They de-odorize, lift the mood, calm, soothe and even kill airborne viruses, bacteria and break down toxins. How do I diffuse them? In a cool mist diffuser like the Aroma Lite. Or a diffuser that works through vibration and makes the oils linger for longer by breaking them down into even smaller molecules like the Aroma Ace. (this my online shop and you can shop for these products with me**) Essential Oils are great.

I wish e-smell technology was available so you could get a better idea...

That's not all, oh no. That's not all. We use them with our animals, with our garden, in our cleaning and our baking. We use them internally for fending off the flu and dealing with digestive issues and allergies, but probably even more regularly we use them topically. 

In the last year a few folks with very severe cases of Poison Ivy have asked me for assistance and so I created a remedy that has offered immediate relief for everyone who has tried it. Poison Ivy is miserable, and somewhat unavoidable if you like being outside. But, there IS an antidote that will stop the itching and help the infected area heal quickly! I am going to divulge this secret recipe so that you might be better equipped for the season ahead. Essential Oils are great.

Essential Oils for Poison Ivy Relief

You'll need:
  • 1 4oz Mason Jar
  • Coconut oil
  • 10 drops doTERRA Frankincense (the 'miracle oil')
  • 10 drops doTERRA Lavender (the 'soothing oil')
  • 10 drops doTERRA Melaleuca (the 'anti-germ oil')
Simply fill the jar with coconut oil, add in the essential oils and mix until combined. You can also add all ingredients to a blender and whip until you have a nice creamy consistency--this only works when coconut oil is solid and it will melt to liquid as soon as it's warm enough. Apply to the infected area as frequently as needed! Essential Oils are great.

**I'm so grateful if you shop with me, but I'm also hopeful you'll consider membership so you can take advantage of getting the oils at wholesale, and even get them free. I'm always offering a special or two for new members, so ask me if you're interested! Free book Anyone? As Wellness Advocate #330704 I'm excited to share the very real opportunity to add income to those interested, and I'm almost as excited about the financial relief people are finding as I am about the oils themselves! I'm also coining the phrase 'community marketing' because 'network marketing' has some stigma that even I have to continue to get over, but all I've found in sharing is an opportunity to connect more with people and create an even larger community of friends that all just happen to love oils. I'm good with that. Really good, actually. Essential Oils are great.