To support or to be supported...that's is the question.

A revelation on Essential Oils and Network Marketing...

I have always supported and respected my friends who worked in direct sales and found success. From Tupperware to Shaklee to Jewelry and Make-up. I love paying a little extra, hosting parties, taking orders and earning a little free product while my friend earned some extra income. It felt like I was doing them a favor--supporting the local economy. Sure, prices were inflated, and products not much different than what was available at the mall, or other retailer, but it felt better to help them out.

But, I'm not asking for any favors.

When I was introduced to this company I hemmed and hawed about being involved with Multi-level-marketing. There were far more marks against than for.
1. I had a business I loved and made some money at--I'd been building it for many years, I did not want to let that go.
2. I had a bad taste in my mouth from a brief encounter I had with MLM's several years ago.
3. I knew someone who was successful but was working extremely hard with another MLM company.
4. I didn't want to be a part of that culture, and thought it might stifle my creative nature.
5. Lastly and mostly, I didn't want to have to sell anything.

But I used them, and I talked, and it started.

Right here and now I proclaim that I am not asking anyone for their support. The products I have at my disposal are life-changing-miraculous and I would share them regardless of pay. Sometimes I forget to check on payday, but the checks come, and that's really nice--but mainly because it reinforces what I already know: for those who have listened to my schpeel, and given in, and tried--well, for those people these essential oils and nutritional supplements have worked. That's why I keep doing it. Do I love vintage and miss hunting, gathering and selling it? Yes, it's fun. But, my creativity has not been limited by sharing someone else's products. I mix and share and create and market and think of ways to develop my 'mission' every day. Furniture makes people happy, it truly does. These products make people live better. I have to push on in that direction. I share them to support you.

We've been blessed dualy. First, by the empowering nature of having these effective, safe essential oils at our disposal. Second by money, always second is money.

And I work hard some days, but because it is a mission, an obligation even, it comes easy. I love it.

I don't sell oils. Let me be clear: I want you to buy these oils. Badly. I want you to join my team of oil-educators and share them with everyone you know. Badly. For YOUR sake. For your family's sake. (bonus: for your bank account's sake.) I want you to give them a real shot and change your healthcare. I want you to try them and to be relieved from the meds, pain, emotional stress you might be dealing with. I do want that.

Help Your Own Self and let it go.

OR, 'the Pyramid Scheme de-bunked'

When people say they will not join in a 'pyramid scheme', I totally get it. I'm right there with them. I don't want to sell products for more than you could get them at the local store. I don't want to trick friends and family into signing on the dotted line and committing to months of orders with a company that pushes a faulty product of little value. Health is everything, and these are the medicines used from the dawn of time--valued higher than gold and silver. Why have we forgotten them? Why is their healing power now a secret? Don't sell them, share them. That's how network marketing works for EVERY great product. No commercial, or sales person at the mall will give you the one-on-one user support your friend can. No physician even. No healthcare practitioner. We all know that a good thing will go viral if it's truly a good thing. Network marketing takes advantage of our social nature, and it's the smartest capitalism out there. No commercials, no gimmicks. No lofty promises or bait and switches.

PS. our company is one of 2 innovative companies to reach 1 billion dollars in sales in 6 years. Know the other? (I imagine if you have one of their products you'll wish you could have earned a referral when you talked friends into getting one).

P.P.S. Every company that is successful forms a pyramid. A few at the top, and more at the bottom. It's the nature of capitalism. I'm all for socialism, but I can't get the Tea Party on board, so I'm just going to avoid the need for healthcare as long as possible. You can too :)*

P.P.S.S. Don't sell them, don't share them. Keep the secret. (but, still enroll as a wholesale member and get 25% off, there are no minimums or requirements. Just like shopping at Costco).

P.P.S.S.S. We want you to be able to get the oils for free so cost is NOT an excuse for anyone. If only our doctors gave us referral payment...what would the world look like?

P.P.P.S.S.S. It's not a pyramid scheme this time. It's a smart business plan that the wealthiest business tycoons in the world agree to be the smartest way to move great products.

Ready to try? Share? Talk to me.

*please don't give me credit for being a socialist. I do think it'd be great if it could work, but I am not officially associated with any political party or movement. I just want to heal the world. Make it a better place...


  1. Hi, my instagram friend! I'm with you 100%
    Trying to keep it real, authentic, artsy! You are farther into this than me. But my hubby and I had a tragic go with one network marketing company years ago, and in fear and trembling entered our oil company.
    Essentially (no pun intended, hee hee), we are passionate about natural healing for our families and taking it back as healers too!
    Thankful for like-minded mamas like you!

    1. I know. Most seem to have a bad taste. There are schemes out there, to be sure--but for the most part the product is what keeps us moving here, not the potential for growth. I wouldn't hastily promote anything, unless I saw a true value in it. And for the most part, the information I share is accepted with open arms. But, there are always skeptics!


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